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Motor Claims

After having bought your dream vehicle, you have protected it with the most optimum insurance plan. Now that you are all set to take it out on a long relaxing drive, a singular pleasure that you have always wanted, you should check whether you are aware of the terms and conditions in your insurance document.

Health Claims

Health insurance can be claimed in two ways - reimbursement claim and cashless claim.
You have to submit the cashless claim form to your insurer through letter or email at least five days before the treatment date.
The insurance company will inform the hospital after receiving your cashless claim form.

Fire Claims

It offers compensation for the costs incurred in the replacement, repair or reconstruction of a property that was damaged due to fire. Since the estimation of loss from fire is unpredictable, this policy is issued with fixed value compensation as an upper limit set by the property insurance policy

Miscellaneous Claims

Have you felt dissatisfied by the policy you purchased or believe you were scammed? While that indeed is a sad reality, we are here to tell you that you are also not alone in the fight against frauds and mis selling! During our three years of existence, we have encountered different ways in which customers were mis sold the policy

Marine cargo claims

Marine cargo can be transported via various types of vessels such as container ships, bulk carriers, and tankers. It can also be transported through different methods like FCL (Full Container Load) or LCL (Less than a Container Load). The cargo can be packed into shipping containers, crates, or even loose. The choice of transportation method and packaging will depend on the type of cargo, its destination, and the specific requirements of the shipment.

Medi claims

Medical inflation has made healthcare services expensive. If you end up getting admitted to a hospital due to a medical emergency, the hospital bill will exhaust your lifelong savings in no time. Buying a mediclaim policy is the best way to pay for your costly medical treatment without losing your savings.

Travel Insurance

A hassle-free travel is a dream of many people. Agreed? Travelling becomes all the more convenient and stress-free when it is secured in the best possible way as there’s a possibility that an unexpected event may alter all your travel plans at any point in the journey.

Solar Insurance

It covers Solar Water Pumps, Solar Roof tops, Solar Irrigation Systems, Solar Pond Filling systems, Rural electrification system etc. We provide customized product to our customers against Fire & Allied Perils, Storm, Tempest, Flood ,Inundation, Theft(In Open area as well) ,Mechanical break down etc.

Livestock Insurance

It covers death of Livestock(Cows,Buffaloes,Stud Bulls etc) due to accident except road accidents, due to illness or in case of normal death as well. It helps farmers ,to reinstate their position for their livelihood.